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Responsibility for high standards of corporate governance

Health & Safety

The Company operates to protect the safety and health of its employees

Bribery act

Committed to acting fairly, ethically and with integrity in all territories in which it does business


Due to the transitional nature of Chariot’s energy projects, each offers the opportunity to reduce Best Sports Betting Sitescarbon emissions as a result of their implementation:

  • Morocco’s energy needs are heavily dependent on coal (which currently makes up 70% of the country’s requirements) and gas imports. The domestic gas from Chariot’s Anchois project has the potential to directly supply into the national grid and become an important contributor in rebalancing the country’s energy mix and reducing emissions going forward.
  • Chariot’s renewable power projects are bespoke solutions for mining companies, Top Online Sports Betting Sitesoften sited in locations well away from power grids. Accessing wind and solar power for use directly on the mine sites removes the dependence on and need for transportation of carbon-heavy fuel and provides a renewable, long-term energy supply. Wheeling renewable power through the South African national grid through Etana will also notably reduce the reliance on coal-fired power stations, opening up a wider customer base including municipalities, industrial and retail sectors.
  • Green hydrogen also has Best Online Betting Sitesthe potential to supplement and replace traditional fossil fuels in both power generation and manufacturing processes, leading to a significant reduction in associated emissions of greenhouse gases. It also has the potential to stimulate the development of greener primary industry (such as green ammonia and green steel production) and could lead to significant, positive long-term impacts for Mauritania as well as the entire global energy transition.
  • Chariot is committed to maintaining and regularly Online Live Dealer Casinoreviewing its ESG policies.