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Protection of the environment and robust environmental management are of primary importance to the board Best Online Blackjack Sitesof Chariot. It is essential that the company conducts its operations in such a way as to minimise the potential impact on the environment from our activities.

Chariot’s goals are to:

  • Provide the necessary resources in the form of finance, equipment, personnel, training and time to implement this policy and to further develop and actively promote our environmental and biodiversity commitments.
  • Identify, evaluate and manage environmental aspects and associated risks applying a precautionary approach using best industry practices without compromising safety.
  • Apply the mitigation hierarchy when identifying environmental control Online Live Dealer Casinomeasures, from avoidance, mitigation and restoration, to the offset of residual impacts.
  • Consider opportunities for biodiversity net gain by having a positive ecological impact through habitat creation or enhancement.
  • Comply with applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards of the countries in which we are present.
  • Engage with local communities and call upon community knowledge of the local environment to assist in protecting and conserving ecosystems and environmental resources.
  • Incorporate pollution prevention in our project planning and actively work to reduce and minimise the greenhouse gas emissions and carbon intensity of our projects from the Online Live Dealer Casinoconception phase onwards.
  • Promote efficiency in our use of energy and water with the aim of conserving natural resources and reducing atmospheric emissions.
  • Operate in a safe manner to avoid spills, leaks or accidental discharges of polluting materials.
  • Ensure that an appropriate response capability is in place and regularly tested, so that environmental incidents can be responded to in a timely and effective manner should they occur.
  • Identify and work towards environmental objectives and targets that are regularly reviewed and reported on to promote continual improvement against those targets and objectives.
  • Ensure that contractors are aware of and comply Best Online Blackjack Siteswith our environmental policies and standards and where necessary, work with our contractors to raise their standards to meet our requirements.
  • Use our leverage and influence with business partners to promote high standards of environmental management;
  • Where appropriate, support local conservation projects.
  • Ensure that environmental accidents, incidents, near misses and non-compliances are reported and investigated, that corrective and preventive actions are implemented and that the lessons learned are shared.
  • Monitor and evaluate our own and contractor competence and capabilities, and conduct periodic audits to ensure our controls are effective and that Best Sports Betting Sitesour environmental standards are being achieved; and
  • Report openly on our environmental performance and the status of our environmental objectives and targets.

These goals are fundamental to the management of environmental impacts in areas that Chariot works, as well as to the efficient operation of the Company. Helping to fulfil these goals is the responsibility of everyone who works for Chariot with full support from directors, staff, partners and contractors.

This policy will be reviewed at least annually to ensure that it remains relevant and effective.

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